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The SEEP Network On-line Guide to BDS, 2003

    The SEEP BDS Guide is a product of the SEEP BDS working group. The Guide is a work in progress that is constantly growing and evolving and SEEP invites your comments and participation as it continues developing the Guide. If you have suggestions for business services, are aware of additional resources that should be listed, or would like your website listed on the site, please contact Mary McVay, the working group coordinator.

    The BDS Guide can help you:
    · Gain exposure to a wide array of BDS methodologies and programs;
    · Find an approach that is relevant to your particular context;
    · Identify links to organizations with expertise in the chosen approach and locate relevant documents and publications;
    · Design new programs and/or implement existing ones; and
    · Access relevant web sites, training manuals, evaluations, and case studies.

    Although business development services vary widely, encompass many disciplines, and do not fit easily into a single category, in the Guide they are placed in one of seven categories to facilitate its use. Readers should note that there can be significant overlap between the categories and some BDS strategies may fit into more than one.

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