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 Project Phase: Impact Assessment
Value chains, linkages and service markets: Did it work?
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Impact Assessment: Syntheses and Guides
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Impact Assessment: Syntheses and Guides
» 2008 Reader on Measuring and Reporting Results, by Jim Tanburn (English/French/Spanish)
» A Framework for Assessing the Poverty Impact of Small Enterprise Initiatives, Nexus/Donor Committee, 2003
» ADB Evaluation Methods and Guidelines, 2006-7
» BDS and the Poverty Assessment Tools Project, SEEP/IRIS 2004
» Common Monitoring System for Proyectos de Integracion Productiva, IADB 2005 English/Spanish
» Developing indicators in SED projects: A tool, by Gibson for SDC, 2001
» Evaluation as an Effective Management Tool, Oldsman, 2000
» Framework for evaluating the impact of small enterprise initiatives, by Oldsman and Hallberg, 2002
» GTZ website: Results-Based Monitoring and Evaluation, 2005
» Guidelines for evaluating FIT activities, with questionnaires, Wesselink, 1995
» Impact Assessment On-line Discussion, USAID, Sept 06
» Impact Assessment and BDS Market Development: Is a Common Approach Possible? Downing et al, 2003
» Lessons learned using the Performance Measurement Framework, by McVay, 2000
» Measuring Success in Youth Livelihood Interventions, Global Partnership for Youth Employment, 2012
» Outcome Monitoring Concept, SDC South Caucasus / Springfield Centre 2009
» Participatory Value Chain Analysis for Impact Assessment of Pro-Poor Enterprise Development, ILO, Mayoux 2003
» Performance Measurement Framework 2001
» PrOpCom Guideline on Monitoring, Impact Assessment and Reporting, Nigeria 2011 (E/F)
» Private Sector Development Impact Assessment Primer Series, USAID AMAP, 2006-7
» Review of achievements in private sector development against MDG 1, Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 2009
» SDC Impact Assessment + Performance Measurement News Flash 2 - March 2005
» Staff Guidelines for Conducting Impact Assessment, Thai-German Programme for Enterprise Competitiveness, 2008
» State of the Art in Impact Assessment, especially SED, by Spaeth for SDC, 2004 (English/French)
» Synthesis of SDC Value Chains in Rural Development CoP 9th Cycle on Impact Monitoring, 2007
» USAID Private Sector Development Impact Assessment Initiative, 2007-

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