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Value chains, linkages and service markets: Did it work?
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Results measurement has always been challenging, but now progress is clear on several dimensions. The DCED Standard for results measurement is gaining ground in the field, and the evaluation community is also making important strides. We are pleased to feature increasing numbers of entries in this category; note that the case studies listed in the Final Documentation phase generally also contain the findings from Impact Assessments.

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Commercial agriculture portfolio review, IMC/DFID 2018-19

RCT findings from a garment factory upgrading programme in Burma, BIF 2018

Who benefits from the rapidly increasing voluntary sustainability standards? Evidence from fair-trade and organic certified coffee in Ethiopia, IFPRI, 2015

IFC Development Goals Overview - Agribusiness 2014

The impact of SENAI’s vocational training programme on employment, wages, and mobility in Brazil, by International Research Institute on Brazil and Africa, IRIBA, 2014

World Bank Corporate Scorecard, 2014

Evaluating value chain interventions: A review of recent evidence, ILRI, 2014

Impact Assessments of FFS at Kenya Tea Development Agency, 2011-2014

DCED and IOB at IPDET 2014

Promoting Sustainable Livelihoods for Women & Vulnerable Groups in Chiradzulu District Project Effectiveness Review, Impact Assessment, Oxfam, 2014

Promoting Food Security in South East Liberia through Commercial Rice Value-Chain Development, Impact Assessment, Oxfam, 2014

Added value of using the DCED Standard in Bangladesh from a donors’ perspective, Andreas Tarnutzer and Rubaiyath Sarwar, 2013

Effectiveness of innovation grants to smallholder agricultural producers. An explorative systematic review, by Giel Ton,2013

Review of M4P Evaluation Methods and Approaches, ITAD for DFID, 2013

Evaluation of the European Union’s Support to Private Sector Development in Third Countries, ADE, 2013

Final Performance Evaluation of Cambodia MSME II/BEE Project, USAID, 2012

Tea Production in Kenya. Impact Assessment of Two Training Models, LEI Wageningen University for the Rainforest Alliance, 2012

An impact evaluation of the MIDA FBO training, Institute of Statistical, Social and Economic Research, University of Ghana, 2012

Impact evaluation of the farmer training and development activity in Honduras, NORC, 2012

Evaluation of water-to-market training in Armenia, Mathematica Policy Research, 2012

Impact evaluation findings after one year of the productive and business services activity of the productive development project, El Salvador, Mathematica Policy Research, 2012

Guide to Monitoring and Evaluation System Design for Value Chain Projects, CARE, 2012

Measuring Success in Youth Livelihood Interventions, Global Partnership for Youth Employment, 2012

Contract Farming in Development Countries. A Review, Martin Prowse, 2012

Mid-term Evaluation of “Sustaining Competitive and Responsible Enterprises” (SCORE), ILO, 2012

The impact of certification on smallholder coffee farmers in Kenya: The case of 'UTZ' certification program, Tegemeo Institute of Agricultural Policy and Development, 2011

The Impact of the Seed Capital Program of SERCOTEC in Chile, IADB, 2011

DCED Results Measurement Initiative, 2011 (English/French/Spanish)

Why have a Standard for measuring results? Donor Committee for Enterprise Development, 2011 (English/French)

PrOpCom Guideline on Monitoring, Impact Assessment and Reporting, Nigeria 2011 (E/F)

Local entrepreneurship, agribusiness cluster formation and the development of competitive value chains. Evaluation of the Strategic Alliance for Agricultural Development in Africa Programme (2006-2009), Berenschot and Wageningen UR, 2010

Profit Zambia Impact Assessment, by DAI for USAID, 2010

Program evaluation of the agribusiness support fund: Estimating the effects of treatment on farmer groups,agribusinesses and BDS market in Pakistan, A. Burki, Lahore University of Management Sciences, 2010

Denim Cluster SMEP Project, Swisscontact Indonesia, 2010

Poverty Reduction in the Industrial Bamboo Value Chain, Prosperity Initiative, 2009

Review of achievements in private sector development against MDG 1, Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 2009

Promoting the Cashew Nut Value Chain in Indonesia, Swisscontact, 2009

Outcome Monitoring Concept, SDC South Caucasus / Springfield Centre 2009

Results Measurement in Private Sector Development - Current Practice and Challenges ahead, SDC event, Bern, May 2009

Partering with Paper Mills to Promote Forestry in India, IFC, 2009

Enterprise for Pro-Poor Growth Intervention Reports, ILO, Sri Lanka, 2007-8

Cross-section evaluation of independent evaluations in 2007 in PSD, GTZ/Spaeth, 2008

Impact Assessment on the Enterprise Culture Component, ILO Sri Lanka, 2008

Cambodia MSME Project: Final Monitoring and Evaluation Report, 2008

Economic Growth Sector Assessement, USAID Indonesia, 2008

Staff Guidelines for Conducting Impact Assessment, Thai-German Programme for Enterprise Competitiveness, 2008

Évaluer l'impact des interventions M4P : l'expérience du projet Katalyst, 2008

A case study of multi-stakeholder platforms in the Ugandan oilseed value chain, SCAPEMA, 2008

Mid-term Review of the Morocco New Business Opportunities Project, USAID 2008

SNV and Cashew Sector Reform: 'Governance for Empowerment in Cashew Value Chain Development', SNV, 2008

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