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Guidelines for evaluating FIT activities, with questionnaires, Wesselink, 1995
Implementing agency(ies)ILO
Date completedApril 1995
These guidelines provide operational guidance to local consultants called upon to evaluate SED activities. They are based on the "Guidelines for Evaluators, Including the Project Evaluation Information Sheet" issued by the UNDP in August 1993. The guidelines also provide guidance to the evaluators in completing the evaluation forms which provide the basic source of information for impact evaluation. Furthermore, a checklist for drafting the evaluation report is included considering the relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, capacity building, and sustainability of the project activity.

An Evaluation Management Plan is included, guiding the consultants through the evaluation process. The plan is divided into the following steps: pre-evaluation briefing at the project field office; meeting with the MSE group or partner organization implementing the activity, meetings with entrepreneurs and end-users; meetings with other organizations; data management; data analysis; report drafting; field office briefing; and report finalization.

The guidelines which are to be provided to the consultants together with the terms of reference and the evaluation forms at the outset of the evaluation activity, are to be used as a practical reference throughout the evaluation exercise.

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»Guidelines for evaluating FIT activities, Wesselink, 1995 (148 kB)

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