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SDC Impact Assessment + Performance Measurement News Flash 2 - March 2005
Implementing agency(ies)SDC
Date completedMarch 2005
Contact person(s)Dr. Brigitte Spaeth
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Impact assessment approaches and methods are currently at a crossroads. Some donors are still trying to prove the impact of a single SED project, to the overall poverty reduction of a country, with scientific rigour. These econometric methods require either before and after assessments or the use of control groups (cf. contribution on Oldsman paper ). However, this is now rarely considered to be sufficient. This led to a strong advocacy for qualitative, particularly participatory methods, which seem to capture the complexity of development and the multi-dimensions of poverty while linking impact assessment with improving practice (cf. various contribution e.g. MAPP, Journal of International Development). Another group is focussing on the establishment of plausible links between individual donor interventions and the changes that can be observed at a national level.

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»SDC News Flash number 2, March 2005 (61 kB)

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