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Private Sector Development Impact Assessment Primer Series, USAID AMAP, 2006-7
Implementing agency(ies)Development Alternatives, Inc. (DAI), Independent Consultant, Woller and Associates
Funding agency(ies)USAID
Date completedJanuary 2007
Web siteThe USAID AMAP PSD Impact Assessment Initiative
The Primer Series, under the USAID AMAP Private Sector Development Impact Assessment Initiative, consists of a series of short papers covering important issues in conducting impact assessments of PSD programs. The Primer Series is targeted to development practitioners who need relatively short and easy-to-read reference materials to help them sort through and understand impact assessment methodology and process. Each article in the Series is intended as a stand-alone piece, although the articles can be combined in part or in whole to form an integrated and comprehensive picture of the impact assessment process.

So far the series includes the following titles (which can be downloaded on the right hand side):
- Assessing the Impact of New Generation Private Sector Development Programs
- Methodological Issues in Conducting Impact Assessments of Private Sector Development Programs
- Collecting and Using Data for Impact Assessment
- Developing a causal model for PSD programs.

Additional topics currently scheduled to be covered in the Primer Series include (these will be posted as they become available):
- Creating a research plan and selecting an impact assessment approach.
- Making critical decisions and their implications for planning and implementing an impact assessment.
- Selecting appropriate impact indicators.
- Planning and budgeting for impact assessment.
- Analyzing and interpreting results.
- Monitoring PSD programs and its relationship to impact assessment.
- Identifying learning resources for impact assessment.

Associated documents
»Assessing the Impact of New Generation PSD Programs, DAI USAID AMAP Dec 2006 (261 KB)
»Collecter et exploiter les donnees d'impact (50 kB)
»Collecting and Using Data for Impact Assessment, Creevey and Snodgrass, USAID AMAP 2006 (372 KB)
»Developing a Causal Model for PSD Programs, USAID AMAP 2007 (228 KB)
»Evaluer l'impact de la nouvelle generation de programmes de developpement du secteur prive (44 kB)
»Methodological Issues in Conducting IAs of PSD Programs, Creevey and Woller, USAID AMAP 2006 (170 KB)
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Synthesis Documents
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