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Value chains, linkages and service markets: Did it work?
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Synthesis of SDC Value Chains in Rural Development CoP 9th Cycle on Impact Monitoring, 2007
Implementing agency(ies)SDC
Funding agency(ies)SDC
Date completedJanuary 2007
Geographic setting(s)Rural
Web siteSDC Employment and Income - Value Chain Development
This document summarizes the online discussion held during the months of November and early December 2006 as part of the SDC Value Chains in Rural Development Community of Practice. Since December 2004, the online community of practice on value chains in rural development has discussed experiences and elaborated on new ideas of priority issues regarding interventions from donor agencies in value chain development. During the previous eight thematic discussion cycles, we focused on specific and relevant issues in VC development; this last debate cycle focuses on 'How to measure, assess and evaluate donor interventions in VC development?'

It covers:
- Who will use the information? How? When? What for?
- What are the main evaluation questions? What kind of impact,outcome or result do we want to assess?
- Where can we access data? What sources of information do we include?
- Time frame and costs? Periodical, continuous or one-time evaluation?
- Who will conduct and manage the assessment? Who will participate?
- What evaluation / assessment methods are appropriate?

Associated documents
»SDC VCRD CoP 9th Cycle on impact monitoring, 2007 (30 KB)
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Programme Design
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»Synthesis of Discussion on Implementing Value Chain Interventions in Rural Areas, SDC April 05 (Is related to)
Synthesis Documents
»Compilation of insights from the online debate of Value Chains in Rural Development, SDC, 2006 (Is related to)
»Donor Interventions in Value Chain Development, SDC VCRD CoP 2007 (Is related to)

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