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Eighth Annual Seminar on Developing Service Markets and Value Chains - Chiang Mai, September 2007 (Reader in English/French/Spanish)
Country(ies)Bangladesh, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Thailand, Viet Nam
Implementing agency(ies)ILO
Date completedOctober 2007
Issues/challengesOver 1,000 people from 110 countries have now participated in the Seminars; for those who could not come to this year's Seminar, the main presentations are being posted on the right hand side. Please note, though, that this year there were fewer formal presentations, and more interviews and panel discussions.

The Reader, on the topic of measuring and reporting results, can be downloaded from the links on the right hand side, in English, French and Spanish. Our particular thanks to SDC for co-financing its preparation and publication.

Indeed, the whole Seminar focused largely on this theme of measuring results, and some very useful progress was made; this agenda is now being taken forward in various ways, on an inter-agency basis.
Contact person(s)Mr. Peter Tomlinson, Mr. Jim Tanburn
Thematically, sessions looked at:

- value chain analysis: where are we now? which methodology to use, where?
- boosting agricultural marketing, both in general, and for specific crops, including cassava, fish, maize, cashews and coffee
- building other value chains (bamboo, tourism) in pro-poor ways
- growing service markets, for example in certification and training
- the latest developments in instruments for value chain financing
- current thinking in Private Sector Development globally, for example around reform of the business environment
- global scenarios for the next years, and how they will affect our work

Speakers included Jim Tanburn, Peter Tomlinson, Linda Jones, Aly Miehlbradt, Wanjiku Guchu, Alan Johnson, John Marsh, Karin Reinprecht, Ramesha Balasuriya, P.G. Amarapala, Jim Tomecko, Kn. Chusak, Eugene Ryazanov, Tiago Wandschneider, Alwyn Chilver, Peter Roggekamp, Alan Gibson and Bob Nanes. There was also a panel on Integrating Women into the Business Mainstream, with Sanavbar Sharipova, Mahbooba Waizi, Perveen Shaikh, and Pauline Achola.

The next Seminar will be held in Thailand, 17-20 January 2012; the flyer can be downloaded from the link on the right hand side.

Associated documents
»a) Espagnol: Documento de trabajo 2008 sobre le desarrollo del sector privado: Medicion e informe de resultados (1 Mb)
»a) Francais: Document de base 2008 sur le developpement du secteur prive: Quantifier et rapporter les resultats (902 kB)
»a) Reader (English)(836 kB)
»a) Seminar Programme (English)(128 kB)
»b) Value Chain Trends, by Linda Jones (1.5 Mb)
»c) Emerging Uses of Value Chain Analysis, by Aly Miehlbradt (527 kB)
»d) The Dairy Hub Approach in Kenya, by Wanjiku Guchu (930 kB)
»e) Strategies for large-scale measurable impact: Case studies of bamboo and tourism in the Mekong, by John Marsh (1.9 Mb)
»f) Value chains and service markets in Thailand, by Jim Tomecko (215 kB)
»g) Market development in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, by Eugene Ryazanov (750 kB)
»h) Working with the private sector in Vietnam to leverage impacts in cassava, by Tiago Wandschneider (2.2 Mb)
»i) Measuring results: Enterprise Challenge Fund practices and prospects, by Alwyn Chilver (66 kB)
»j) Measuring results in Bangladesh: The experience of Katalyst, by Peter Roggekamp (460 kB)
»k) The wider impact of developing FM radio in Uganda, by Alan Gibson (1.6 Mb)
»l) Rural, Agricultural and Value Chain Finance, by Linda Jones (657 kB)
»m) DCED International Seminar: Current trends and results in PSD (318 kB)
Associated Activities and Documents
Market Assessment
»Facilitating Market Integration of the Upland Poor into Bamboo Value Chains, Viet Nam M4P (ADB, DFID) 2006 (Is related to)
Synthesis Documents
»Fifth Annual Service Markets Seminar, Chiang Mai, Thailand, September 2004 (Is related to)
»Sixth Annual Service Markets Seminar, Turin, September 2005 (English/French/Spanish) (Is related to)
»Seventh Annual Seminar on Developing Service Markets and Value Chains - Chiang Mai, 18-22 September 2006 (English / French / Spanish) (Is related to)
»Workshop: Making value chains work for the poor, SDC, 2007 (Is related to)
»First Regional Conference on Developing Service Markets and Value Chains, Jordan, February 2007 (English / Arabic) (Is related to)
»Making Markets Work for the Poor in Eastern and Southern Africa, ComMark Seminar, 12-14 March 2007 (Is related to)

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